Articles, Stories, and Tech Tip  Archive  
Tech Tips & Articles  
 - Low Budget Water Cooling By Ken Cadmus
 - Conversion Charts (must have excel installed) By Neil McGrath
   or  download the Excel file directly here  
 - Whats going on in Europe? By Kasper Arvad
 - How to make a 1/8 Scale Figure By Dave Kammerer
 - Easy Graphics By Garry Finlay
 - How to build a motor dyno By: Jay Turner
 - Preparing for the Airplane Ride By: Larry Larson
 - 4 Cell Racing Tips By: Jay Turner
 - What does it take to win races? By: Allan Shillitto
 - Setting up a stepped mono By Allan Schillitto
 - Gassers and FE Racers working together! By: Chris Harris
 - Setting up an Entry Level Class By Jay Turner
 - FE Racing in the UK By Ian Pearson
 - FE Racing in the UK 2 By Ian Pearson
 - 12 Cell Outriggers & Enduro in the UK By Ian Williams
 - 4 Cell Outriggers & Enduro in the UK By Ian Williams
 - How to get the most out of your hydro By Chris Harris
 - Installing Motor Capacitors By Donnie Wollard
 - De-Glitching Solutions By Dick Crowe
Setup Articles  
 - Ken Joye's Aeromarine Scorpian By Ken Joye
 - How to setup a 1/16th Scale Hydro By Dick Crowe
 - Setting up the 1/12 Scale O'boy Oberto By Larry Larson
 - Maus Micro-Bullet By Greg Schweers
 - Tuning your Kyosho Wavemaster By Andrew Gilchrist
 - Rum Runner N-1 Prototype By Don Wollard
 - Rum Runner Offshore Cat By Donnie Wollard
 - Setting up a fast electric gear drive By Jay Turner
 - Tony Treichel's B-24 By Tony Treichel
 - Setting up a Volcanic Splash By Berry Janzen
Boat Plans & Building Articles  
 -  The Hydro-Mite By Doug Forrester
Race Stories  
 - 2003 Namba Fast Electric Straight-aways By Donnie Wollard
 - 2003 Conroe Fast Electrics By Bryan Foster
 - 2003 Hydro Shootout By Don Wollard
 - Dortmund model hobby fair By Don Wollard
 - 2002 Hydro Shootout By Donnie Wollard
 - 2002 Michigan Cup By Ken Joye
 - 2001 Namba Fast Electric Straight-aways By Don Wollard
 - 2001 Namba Fast Electric Nationals By Brian Vega
 - 2001 Miami Grand Prix By
 - 2001 Michigan Cup By Chris Harris
 - 2000 Namba Fast Electric Nationals By Chris Harris
 - Spring Splash 2000 By Donnie Wollard
 - Miami Invitational 2000 By Don Wollard
 - Speed-fest 2000 By Don Wollard
 - '99 NAMBA Nationals & Winners By Don Wollard
 - '99 Batavia MW Nationals By Jeff Stevens
 - Speed-Fest '99 By Don Wollard
 - '99 Spring Splash By Jay Turner
 - '99 Watts-N-Water New Jersey By Doug Twaits
 - '99 Watts-N-Water Florida By Don Wollard
 - Chris Harris Interview By: Donnie Wollard

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