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The 5th Annual Rum Runner Racing Build Contest
2011 Model Boat Build Competition

First and foremost, special thanks to our sponsors.







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Rocky Mountain Vintage RC Boats

By Rod Sanata.  PM HydroNut or Email: rjsana@yahoo.com

Be sure to read this section...  



Designer Build by Zippkits

COMPETITION ONE.  Innovative designer/builders who will use ROAR approved (Car) motor or a 1/8th scale car/buggy s for power. Optional power will include .12 - .18 pull start Nitro motor. A list of  ROAR approved motors can be found at, http://www.roarracing.com/approvals/brushlessmotors.php. Other 1/8th scale BL motor are available and suitable for the build.


The intent of this contest is to generate new designs that use standard R/C Car power plants.

We are looking for designs that can use power systems directly out of an RC Car, Buggy or Truck. ZippKits manufacturer wood boat kits, so we are interested in designs that would be relatively easy to assemble from wood or a wood/foam composite. Try to steer clear of lots of compound curves and such.

We encourage creativity. If you have something a little off the beaten path, or different than what is currently available, we want you! A modified existing design is also eligible. No specific classes or designs are required. It is wide open!

You could become famous! “Designed By” will be listed anytime your design is promoted, and will also appear on every instruction manual printed.

All designs become the property of Zipp Manufacturing, and ZippKits retain exclusive manufacturing rights.


Official Rules

1. Must use ROAR legal –OR – Roar Legal 1/8 scale motor, ESC and battery from R/C car. Maximum 7.4 volts

    (Alternatively, you may use a .12-.18 pull start engine).

2. Must be water propeller driven.

3. Must be of wood or wood/foam construction.

4. Winners will grant full rights of design to Zippkits Manufacturing.

5. Final Judging is exclusively by ZippKits Manufacturing.












First place will receive:

A $200 Zippkits gift certificate

“Designed By” on all ads and literature

Free production kit of your design

Last place will receive:

A $25 Zippkits gift certificate

Free kit of our choice

Second place will receive:

A $100 Zippkits gift certificate

“Designed By” on all ads and literature

Free production kit of your design

Scale Hydro Build by Rum Runner Hobbies and Rocky Mountain Vintage  RC


COMPETITION TWO.  The world famous Rum Runner Racing Scale Hydro Build Competition, continues.

Sponsored by: Rum Runner Hobbies & Rocky Mountain Vintage RC Boats

Official Rules

1. To build a Sport Scale Hydro, in 1/8th, 1/10th, 1/12th, 1/16th or any other scale. We wish to be as inclusive as possible, so while we suggest using the free downloadable plans, any plan may be used, bear in mind the racing portion, which will require either a 1/12th or 1/10th   “ish” scale. However there will be no such restrictions for the “On-Line Building Contest. The Plans may of course be enlarged, modified, or one of the smaller scale hydros (1/16th) may also be built. This will be in the same fashion as the previous build contest.

2. The boat may be built from a laser cut kit or built from scratch, with no point penalty for building from a kit. The contest is to promote building skills, and to help others overcome building challenges, by providing problems and solutions to our forum members and readers.

3. The competition is put forth in the spirit of camaraderie, fun, building skills and to increase the interest in the hobbies of both boat building and fast electric racing.

4. This Competition will be deemed completed on or about May 31st, 2010. Judging will be on or before June 5th, 2010 and the winner announced.

Competition Prizes: TBA

Refer to Contest General Rules, Below.


10th Scale Plans      

Pay N Pack                     http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/PayNPack10scale/

Ted Jones Hydro            http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/TedJones10scale/

Ted Jones Instructions in the file      

U7                                   http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/U7_10scale/


12 Scale Plans      

Pay N Pack                      http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/Pack12Update/

Oh Boy Oberto                http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/Ohboyoberto12scale/

Ted Jones Hydro             http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/TedJones12scale/

Ted Jones Instructions in the file   

U7                                    http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/U7_12scale/


13 Scale Plans      

Atlas Van Lines               http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/Atlas13scale/

Pay N Pack                      http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/PayNPack13scale/

U7 - LSH                          http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/U7_13Scale_LSH/LSH_U-7_1.pdf 


Other Plans      

Atlas 8th Scale               http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/Atlas8Scale/

U7 - N2 Sport                  http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/N2Sport/

Pay N Pack 8th Scale      http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/PayNPack8scale/

Thriftway O-Sport          http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/Thriftway_osport/

NEW - 30” LSSH Cabover   http://www.rumrunnerracing.com/plans/Buildoff/LSSH/


All Plans are in PDF format.   You will need Adobe Reader in order to view them in your computer.


Hydro Build  Competition Plans compliments of Garry Finlay

Special thanks to Garry Finlay for providing these amazing boat plans & pictures!


ATTENTION: Most of these plans are copyrighted in the USA and other countries. As such, they are exclusive to the members of RumRunnerRacing.com and not public domain. These plans are not for resale or commercial production with the expressed written consent of Garry Finlay and RumRunnerRacing.com.