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2013 NAMBA Propwash-FE Proposals

2013 NAMBA Propwash-FE Proposal



There are 5 FE rule proposals for your consideration. There is also a 1/2A (.12) Nitro power class proposal, 1/2A Sport Hydro inclusion, proposals for racing rule/course updates, and a proposal that affects what type of driver figure is required for a Gas Thunderboat.

In summary:

P-Ltd ProBoat motors are now manufactured under the Dynamite label. There are 2 proposals that address this, including updating the 1/10th scale rules to use a similar P-Ltd "Table" that lists approved motors in a more specific/clear manner.

There are also proposals addressing a Cat class, eliminating "Offshore" records (mainly because of the redundancy a specific Cat Class will add to the rulebook), and integrating FE's legal sprint course into NAMBA's Gas/Nitro 1/6th course dimensions.

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