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While I can't follow the argument Offshore should not have SAW or 2-lap records as it runs for 4min only, I do think the creation of a new hull category "Catamaran" is a much better idea, as it does not combine Monos with Catamarans into one class. So no need to argue about that.

The question is, if you really need to DELETE the existing Offshore records or if it would be a better idea to "rename" Offshore to Catamaran in the record lists?

Running at SAWs with catamarans has a quite long tradition and deleting those efforts may not be fair in the sense of promoting the hobby. Actually I think it will pi... off quite some of those who ran cats in the Offshore class in the past.

I'm sure it can be traced if a Offshore record was set with a Catamaran or a Mono. I think at least those records set with Catamarans should be moved to the new Catamaran class. I think if you would do this, then this would increase the acceptance of a new Catamaran class.

One more question: do you want to run Catamarans around the regular 5 lap oval as well? Or is this new class only for SAW and 2-lap records and endurance racing with Catamarans means they will compete in Offshore?

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