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Other Boating Interests This board is for some of you that are interested in other types of boating. Scale, Sail, Gas or Nitro. Feel free to ask questions here.

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Old 05-13-2017, 03:29 PM
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Using Servo board to control LEDs


I'm going to rebuild some of my scale boats because the batteries are NLA, and they are just old. I think I can incorporate some new stuff, like using LEDs for cabin or deck lighting, and navigational lighting. SMDs would work well for deck lighting, I'd say.

For some types of lighting, LEDs might be too bright, so I was thinking of using a PWM (pulse width modulator) in the form of a servo controller board, since it's been commonly used to control things like rotating radar antennas, etc. They also have the thin wires too.

For the cabin lighting, how many LEDs could you put on a standard scale controller board? How about a 1/4 scale controller? I have never looked into the current draw of those little servo motors, but I know the big 1/4 scale things can draw several amps. I have some of both in the junk box. I think you could put several on the boat, one for each circuit or group of lights.

Thanks again.

I still have my Danvo Stabilizer! All it needs is a 6-cell battery pack.
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