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Off Topic Anything goes... Feel free to chit-chat in this board!

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Old 08-30-2016, 07:22 PM
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How the times change....

It seems like forever since I've been here. Back when I remembered all the big names - not to mention good friends, were on this site ; never ending it seemed.

I guess why I'm even bothering to post this is because- it is funny how time flys, and even funnier- how when time seems to disappear, we often find ourselves as a shadow to our past.

Some of you old schoolers may see my name and remember me, seems forever ago... Early/mid 2000's. Man where does the time go.?

Ironically, I found myself kicking up some balsa dust after YEARs of lost time.... But no longer mono hulls- believe it or not- I bout a dumas trojan cruiser to modify.

Is that a sign of getting older? I'll deny it even of you say it! Hahah.

I guess I'm just standing in an old an yet, remembered spot of the pond, reminiscing and curious to see who's listening..
" Wait, is that meant to smoke like that ? "
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Old 06-04-2017, 11:50 AM
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I was shocked at how quiet it is here. I guess all the RTR brushless boats and drones etc have taken over.
I just got back into rc boating and so much changed.
Im now running brushless motors, lipos and jet drive boats.
I have whitewater river beside me so rc jet boats are a blast to run upstream like rc crawlers.
I took out my BBY ovalmaster offshore and sadly my flex shaft snapped. Old age I guess. That and the lightning man neo 13/3 motor still kicks out huge power..
Im going to resurrect it with a motor teardown and new flexshaft.. IT still should rip, can't wait to race a brushless with it.
Also getting my original rc surfer and cen waveshark running again with some updates...
I miss all the knowledgeable people here. The newer bunch of rc boaters are all rtr cluess when it come to actually building anything it seems.

Surfing is Good )))))))))))))))
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