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Scottsdale Model Boaters Scottsdale, Az. A mixture of gas, Nitro and FE in the Metro-Phoenix area.

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Old 09-10-2012, 03:10 PM
D. Newland D. Newland is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Anthem, Az
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2012/2013 Club Dates

McKellips Pond. Any 2 boats make the class, with emphasis on LSH, OPC, P-Ltd Mono, P Mono and 1/10th scale.

October 14th
November 11th
December 16th
January 27th

Winter Warmups IX February 22nd to 24th, 2013. Specific race information will come in October.
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Old 10-15-2012, 08:00 PM
D. Newland D. Newland is offline
Sr. Racer
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Anthem, Az
Posts: 923
October 14th race

Pretty thin attendance first race of the season. Heck, my kids didn't even want to come out and race! Thanks to my gas/nitro guys that are now racing FE, otherwise Pat and I would have been bored. Actually, I would have been bored because Pat left early due to charging equipment issues. It was a great day full of sunshine and comfortable Az temps for this time of year. We're still having an issue with weeds, but it really didn't hang anyone up today.


Welcome Wayde Bloedorn to the FE side of this hobby. He has a beautiful Whip that I've been chasing around at a few district races already. It's a keeper. Also, Jim Osborne has been doing well with his Insane. I'm not.

Wayde: 1300 pts
Jim: 1125
David: 475

P-Ltd Mono.

I had a few extras in the trailer, so I handed remotes to Wayde and his daughter, Cory. Unfortunately, Cory's boat was a new build and it was having rudder linkage issues all day. By the luck of the draw, Wayde got the boat that ended up getting him yet another win for the day! Jim's boat is as fast as a P Mono, but had an issue in 1 heat wiring his ESC to see 8S rather than 4S. The boat left the shore with such a scream that it scared me. Took flight immediately, then landed on it's lid. Fortunately, all equipment was ok. Just to get another boat in the class, I raced my P Offshore setup, dropping the propsize 1 more level. No points for me, though.

Wayde: 1094 Pts
Jim Osborne: 825 pts
Lenny Blake: 819 pts
Cory Bloedorn: 444 pts.

Next race is November 11th. Show up, people!
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Old 11-12-2012, 01:32 PM
D. Newland D. Newland is offline
Sr. Racer
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Anthem, Az
Posts: 923
November 11th race

Another beautiful day today. Started out quite cool, but quickly warmed up to the mid 60's with clear skies. We moved to the north side of McKellips pond due to weeds that showed up that weren't there last month. Welcome Leonard Feeback who came out to run 1/10th scale with us, and a few new faces Glenn Yoder with a ProBoat Stilleto still in testing and T.J. with a pretty mean twin cat.


After what seems like forever chasing one failed tweek after the next with my Insane, I finally got my Insane back to a respectable running attitude. Then, I go and run over a dead boat. Fortunately, both boats were dang near perfect, with mine only bending the turnfin a touch. Anyway, I'm back in the LSH game. Leonard Feeback is now running Ted McKay's In N Out Miss Small Fries and doing very well with it, too. Jim Osborne's boat is running well, but he just didn't stay through the 4th round. Pat has a fantastic Whip build, but damaged the ride pad while taking off a temporary ride pad. Some idiot told him to add some ride pad height to his boat (me).

David N 1200 pts
Gary Rose 775 pts
Jim Osborne 725 pts
Leonard Feeback 575 pts

P-Ltd Mono

Pat McDonald finished his Revolt 30 and was able to turn some laps with it today. Unfortunately, he lost the boat in turn 1 and exited turn 1 driving Lenny's boat. Revolt stuck in the mud bank. Oh, I also hit him milling in the first round, too. Sorry Pat. I blame it on my Castle 80 that liked to stay on the throttle a few seconds after I told it to slow down... I guess I'm the guy that everyone needs to stay away from today! I ran my boys boat that I let Cory run last month. What a jerk I am. I gave her a new boat to run that had rudder issues, linkage issues, and the ESC issues. Makes what she did point-wise in October even that much more impressive. The bugs are worked out now. Lenny Blake takes home the win.

Lenny: 1400 pts
David: 1325 pts
Jim: 550 pts
Pat: 219 pts

P Mono

Just me and Gary today with our Titan's. Both running very well, but Gary still has to rein her in a bit. He gave all the spectators a show during the last heat (well, Lenny was at the wheel), and the boat shut down after lap 3, then "POPPED" out on the water with a trail of smoke coming from the hatch. Turns out his Turnigy 180 ESC was on a shelf that had a screw sticking up on it. It wore the bottom side of the ESC, eventually shorting it out. He loves that boat, but it seems that every outing there's a serious rehab effort needed to get it back out on the water.

David: 1500 pts
Gary: 1025 pts

1/10th Scale

It was the Leonard and Gary show that ended during the 2nd round with a bit of a collision..? or did Gary hit something..? Anyway, Gary suffered some transom damage and was out for the rest of the day. Ted McKay showed up to run his new build (by Leonard) for the last heat. Since it was a new build, he basically just fun-ran it around the buoys, cutting here and there. Just like he does while heat racing.

Leonard: 400 pts
Gary: 300 pts

Next race is December 16th! Look for us (probably) on the north side of the pond again. I'm liking it better, but I have some work to do to square up the course.
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