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The Brushless Motor Forum Brushless motors are becoming more and more popular. This is where you can ask and discuss all the latest brushless motor technology!

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Old 11-08-2014, 02:18 AM
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Weigh in on motor comparision for 1:10 scale!

I'm looking for some input here from some of the experienced racers out there. We have done some in-boat testing during the last year to find some comparable motor options to spec for our Div 2 class of racing in Classic Thunder. It was an incredibly nice surprise to find that the Scorpion HK 3226-1600 was across the board, and across different boats, a consistently identical performing motor to the NAMBA legal Himax 3630-1500 motor. The experiment showed competitive results under race conditions during the season too. I thought it would be a good, different option to propose adding to the inrunner options in NAMBA's 1:10 scale class officially and want to make that proposal. The HK3226-1600 looks to be the replacement for the 3026-1600 offered previously by Scorpion and then Hyperion. They all seem to be out there and have similar specs. However, our comparisons were simply done on the water, switching them between boats and comparing top speed on gps with the same hull, batteries etc. I'm hoping that some of you could help me fill in the blanks of what you would look for when comparing these motor specs on paper and report back with your opinions on how comparable you think they may or may not be. They look good so far to us in competition and are comparably priced too.
Mitch Dillard
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