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The Original Fast Electric Q&A This is the #1 spot in the world to ask questions about Fast Electric R/C Boats.

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Old 03-29-2007, 10:34 PM
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Copyright Laws

Gentleman, we received a notice from our internet service provider that a formal complaint of copyright infringment was filed against Rum Runner Racing. Certain thread(s) contained copyrighted material without the express written approval of the author, the offending thread(s) have been promptly removed by us, and this statement is to remind all of us that absolutely NO, copying, cutting or pasting information from other websites is allowed. Linking etc is allowed, or will be tolerated to some extent. Members who continue this practice will be warned, second offense will mean lock down, and third offense could mean a long term lock down or even a banning from the Rum Runner Forums. This may seem harsh, but the official notice today could have shut this forum down, and this would be TRULY harsh to all of us. If we see links that we think can lead to copyright problems they will be removed immediately.

Sorry to put such a serious thread in all the forums but we take this very seriously and we are not going to risk losing even a day.

Your cooperation will be most appreciated.
Eddie Hansen
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