Rum Runner Racing's 2008 Scale Hydro Build Competition

Special thanks to Garry Finlay for providing these amazing boat plans & pictures!


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10th Scale Plans      
Pay N Pack 10thPak_1.pdf 10thPak_2.pdf 10thPak_3.pdf
Ted Jones Hydro 10thClassic_1.pdf 10thClassic_2.pdf 10thClassic_3.pdf
Ted Jones Instructions 10thRdNsInstr.pdf    
U7 10th_U-7_1.pdf 10th_U-7_2 (2).pdf 10th_U-7_Instr.pdf
12 Scale Plans      
Pay N Pack 12thPAK_1.PDF 12thPAK_2.PDF 12thPak_Instr.PDF
Oh Boy Oberto ObertoDF_1.pdf ObertoDF_2.pdf  
Ted Jones Hydro 12thClassic_1.pdf 12thClassic_2.pdf 12thClassic_3.pdf
Ted Jones Instructions 12thRdNsInstr.pdf    
U7 12th_U-7_1.pdf 12th_U-7_2.pdf 12th_U-7_Instr.pdf
13 Scale Plans      
Atlas Van Lines 13thAtlas_1.pdf 13thAtlas_2.pdf 13thAtlas_3.pdf
Pay N Pack 13thPak_1.pdf 13thPak_2.pdf 13thPak_3.pdf
U7 - LSH LSH_U-7_1.pdf    
Other Plans      
Atlas 8th Scale 8thAtlas_1.PDF 8thAtlas_2.PDF  
U7 - N2 Sport N2SportU-7_1.pdf N2SportU-7_2.pdf N2-SportU-7Ins.pdf
Pay N Pack 8th Scale 8thMiscParts.pdf 8thPak_2.pdf 8thPakAssy.pdf
Thriftway O-Sport T-2_1.pdf T-2_2.pdf  
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1. To build a Sport Scale Hydro, in 1/10th, 1/12th, or any other scale, but only if you are >

2. The boat may be built from a laser cut kit or built from scratch, with no point penalty for building from a kit. The contest is to promote building skills, and to help others overcome building challenges, by providing problems and solutions to our forum members and readers.

3. The competition is put forth in the spirit of camaraderie, fun, building skills and to increase the interest in the hobbies of both boat building and fast electric racing.

General Rules

4. Entrants must fill out the Participation Form with full name, screen name, address, email and phone number, as well aetailing etc.

 7. By entering the competition, the entrants agree to waive their rights on their postings and pictures for possible use for a magazine article and advertisement. The images will not be sold, or used for profit, but may be published, displayed etc. Completeness will be judged as well as results.

8. Only Current Members of the Rum Runner Forum in good standing (at the time of commencement) will be considered for competition. If a new member wants to sign up after the commencement, it will be at the discretion of the moderators. If someone is participating in the Moderators Challenge, they do not necessarily need to be a member of the Forum, this challenge is also for Fun, and Bragging rights, but also we want to be inclusive.

9. The use of the plans is only for the personal use of the competitors, and is prohibited to be used for any type of commercial venture. (i.e. laser kits etc)

Specific Rules

10. Entrants must build their hydro as per plans, variations in cowling, materials, colour scheme, changes to the overall dimensions will be allowed, as long as it does not deviate from the spirit of the original model. As an example the shovel nose can be built with a full cowl, Cab-over, etc, the pickle fork can be made to look like a different pickle fork with the same basic shape, i.e. the Atlas as the Pay n Pak, Budweiser etc, common sense must prwill be based on those of the plans, with variations within reason, based on the basis of the scale stated at the time of entry, if someone wanted to build a larger scale model i.e. 1/8th this is also allowable and power parameters will be adjusted. This is meant to be inclusive, and with current rules possibly changing, it only makes sense for flexibility. But the racing portion again will only be for the 2 sizes (12th and 10th).

Team Efforts

14. Parent/Child team efforts are allowed and encouraged, but must be declared in their intent form, if two boats are built by the team it will only count as one entry.

15. Team Boats may be painted in team colors, and the team being the sponsor.

Vendor Discounts

 The racing scoring will be addressed in the Racing addendum to the rules.


30. Documentation (building thread, photographs etc) Max 10 Pts.

31. Innovation Max 10 Pts.


32. Judging will be done by a panel of judges selected for their knowledge and skill in hydroplanes, model boating, designing model boats and or building models.

33. The judges will each have a vote, to cast based on the above stated rules.

34. The Forum Representative (Don Wollard) will have a vote.

35. The Forum Members will have a vote via a poll, each contestants thread will be listed and members can vote for the boats that they feel best lived up to the rules.

36. The final votes will be for the appropriate categories, 1, 2, 3 etc. and will be added in as a single vote, albe disqualified.

40. Any contestant that continues their derogatory comments after being disqualified will be locked down.

41. The decision of the Judges is final; any contestant or forum member that berates any judge will be immediately locked down.


The award of the prizes will take place as soon as possible after the close of the competition and the scoring is compiled. The awards for the race versions held at a national style event will be awarded at the event. No matter your placement in the competition you will be a winner for participating, and will have learned or improved your building skills. You will have viagra and a top notch hydro that you made yourself! We hope that you will remember the generosity of the vendors, during your next build, please support the people who support you. The Rum Runner Forum Team wishes you all the best of luck. Enjoy Yourselves!!

Racing Addendum  There will be individual race winners, as well as concourse at each event but to be the Grand Champion, Racers must travel to at least one other event.

 In the event of the expected large turnout for the races, and in the interest of keeping races low key, it will be up to the club running the races to decide if more then one flight of the same class will be run, in this case, the heats run will be considered qualifiers, and only the top 2 finishers will be move onto the final, The third and fourth place finishers will compete in a consolation race (the Connie).

 Power Parameters

 For the 12th scale, you must use the Aqua craft SV27 motor, power is limited to 12 cells or 4S 1P, no exceptions, any speed control may be used, and any type drive (except outboard).

For the 10th scale, any motor, may be used, 12 cells or Lipo up to 4S1P, any speed control may be used and any type drive.

These Rules are a Final Draft...  Slight Changes could be made in the coming days but they will be highlighted so everyone will know.



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